Charlene Piano Studio


San Gabriel, CA


    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What is a good age to start piano lesson?

    Around age 5.


    Do I need to buy a piano?

    Piano is an essential tool for practicing.  Rental options are available in most piano stores.


    How do you conduct your first lesson?

    • Ask questions to understand the student's music goals and passions in life.

    • Engage the student to explore and recognize piano keys

    • Improvise on all black keys

    • Provide games to label and strengthen fingers

    • Use discovery methods to read music


    How can I support my child's piano learning experience?

    • Visit your child's piano lesson occasionally

    • Listen to your child's practice at home

    • Attend concerts and listen to classical music. (My favorite classical station is 91.5FM)

    • Encourage your child to perform at recitals, school events and share the love of music with others

    • Communicate with teacher regularly


    How long should my child practice?

    Depending on the age of your child.  Usually, frequent and short is better than long practice session.  An effective way is to focus on an element (notes, rhythms, dynamics etc) to practice.


    What are some important benefits of taking piano evaluations?

    • Set goals

    • Provide opportunities to perform and share music

    • Evaluated by other adjudicators and gain more confidence